Modern-Contemporary Design with New Technology
The houses are based on a modern contemporary design appropriate to satisfy the comfort and style of the modern family.

Each house is built with spacious rooms and panoramic windows to provide adequate lighting and ventilation even without electricity.

A new construction technology is used to build sturdy yet fast and economical house to last a life time.

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This site should give you an overview of our Subdivision Plan in Sta Lourdes Puerto Princesa City Palawan Philippines. So just take your time and find the right house here in Puerto Princesa City's new Subdivision -  Sta Lourdes Heights. 

About Us

Sta. Lourdes Heights (SLH) Subdivision offers you a special place in the heart of Palawan. A community particularly designed to satisfy your need to find peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is only a 15-minute drive away from the city proper of Puerto Princesa. SLH with its scenic view of the mountain ranges of Iwahig gives you the serenity that you deserve every day.

Sta. Lourdes Heights Subdivision utilizes a modern construction method that minimizes waste products ensuring the safety and fast delivery of the home that you deserve.

Enjoy the comfort of a modern house in a resort-like community.

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 When you are in Puerto Princesa City, we can provide you a vehicle for site visit any day provided you make a booking at least one (1) day before.

 Questions regarding details of the property and how to acquire can be answered on FAQ.