We are pleased that you have chosen to visit our webpage of Palawan Heights , Palawan Puerto Princesa City Brgy. San Pedro Philippines. Protecting your privacy is especially important to us. We would like to inform you about how your data is collected, processed and used in the section below. These processes are always performed in a manner that is compliant with data protection regulations.

General information on log data

It is perfectly possible to visit Palawan Heights websites without giving us any information about your identity. In this case, we will only automatically collect the following log data:

  • The operating system
  • The web browser type
  • The IP address
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The first webpage you visit on our website

  • Recording, processing and using your personal data
    Your personal data includes information such as your name, address, phone number and email address. Personal data shall only be collected, processed and/or used if you transmit it to us willingly, e.g. using our contact form for booking requests. Furthermore, your personal data shall only be used if you have consented to such use in advance, e.g. to confirm it on our contact form.

    You can use this website to inform you about Palawan Heights service, or to send a contact request. Personal data provided in this context shall be collected, processed and used exclusively for the provision of the respective service to the extent of your consent. You may withdraw your consent to Palawan Heights at any time and free of charge with immediate effect, e.g. by sending an e-mail to the following address

    Your rights

    You have the right to information regarding the processing and use of your personal data at any time, and to require that it is corrected or deleted. You can exercise these rights at no cost by emailing Palawan Heights at the e-mail address or by using the contact information contained in the company's site notice.

    Frequently asked questions on data protection.

    Would you like to know how Palawan Heights makes use of your data or do you have other questions relating to data protection? On the following pages you will find all essential answers!

    1. What are personal data?
    Personal data may be regarded as being information which can be assigned to you personally. This includes such as your name, your address, your telephone number and your e-mail address. This does not include information which cannot be directly associated with you personally.

    2. What are personalised services?
    Personalised services are services for which a registration with personal data is required. Palawan Heights website does not have such a service.

    3. How are may data made use of by Palawan Heights?
    Without your consent, the personal data collected on Palawan Heights ’s websites will only be handled and used to process booking requests. Your data will only be handled and used for any further purpose, such as communication and booking confirmations,

    4. What does Palawan Heights regard as advertising and market research?
    We regard advertising and market research as including
    information on new dive places
    information on services (e.g new sevices in our resort or on our liveaboard ship)

    6. What are cookies?
    A cookie is a small data record which can be stored on your hard disk.
    These data records are produced and sent to you by the web server which you connected to using your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator). Through the cookie you can be recognised when you visit the website without requiring any data, which you have previously entered, to be re-input.

    Most browsers are currently set by default to automatically accept cookies. However, you have the option to set your browser to reject cookies or to display them in advance. In addition, you can also delete cookies from your system (e. g. in the Windows Explorer) at any time. For this, please use the Help function in your operating system or view the Help page.

    7. Does Palawan Heights use cookies?
    No, we do not use cookies on our websites.

    8. Do I have a right to information?
    You have, of course, the right to discover at any time what personal data we are storing about you. For this please send us an email to .

    9. Do I have a right to modify or delete my data?
    You have the right, at any time with immediate effect, to partially or completely withdraw your consent to the processing of your data. \ We will delete your relevant data in such a case. However, in exceptional cases, laws, in particular those relating to the usage of data for invoicing and book-keeping purposes, may prohibit a deletion.

    10. Will my data be passed to third parties?
    Your data will fundamentally not be transferred to third parties.

    11. Does this privacy statement also apply to online forums and chats?
    During communication in online forums and chats to which Palawan Heights grants you access on its website you are in a public domain. \ In this respect the privacy statement does not extend to this form of the transmission of your personal data. Please consider this when using these services.

    12. What applies to text message and e-mail services?
    Palawan Heights offers you the option to use text message and e-mail services in the Palawan Heights portals under the condition that you observe the secrecy of telecommunications.

    13. Does this privacy statement also apply to other providers’ websites?
    These data protection declarations do not apply to other providers’ websites which may be visited via links on the Palawan Heights website. Please therefore pay attention to the regulations of other providers for data protection.

    14. What is the situation with regard to technical security during the transmission of my data?
    Personal data which are stored by Palawan Heights are kept in secure operational environments and are not accessible to the public. In certain cases, such as when entering your password, your personal data are encrypted before the transaction is carried out using secure technology. Our servers use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for the protection of the transmission of personal data. This means that the communication between you and the appropriate Palawan Heights servers takes place using a recognised encryption method (currently SSL Version 3, 128 Bit). If your browser supports SSL, the transmission of personal data will be protected by this function. In such a case, most browsers show whether the security protocol is supported by means of a short dialogue field or by an icon. Further information may be found under the Help function of your browser. Almost all modern browsers support SSL. Should you have no possibility to use SSL due to the limited features of your browser, we recommend you the use of the latest version of Firefox or the Microsoft Internet Explorer which you can currently download free-of-charge in the internet.

    15. Are my connecting data stored?
    Palawan Heights also stores your connecting data (such as your IP address etc.) when you visit the website. We only process these or make use of them after ending of the connection where they are necessary for the creation of additional connections, where appropriate, for invoicing purposes, for the tracking of malfunctions in telecommunications equipment and the determination of the misuse of our telecommunications services. We otherwise promptly delete your connecting data at the latest on the day of the ending of the connection.

    16. How does Palawan Heights protect minors?
    As the protection of minors is of particular importance to Palawan Heights, we refuse to send advertising to minors where their age is known to us.

    17. Amendment to this privacy statement
    The rapid development of the internet requires us to amend our privacy statement from time to time. Where the content of your declaration of consent is also affected by this, we will bring this to your attention. Please always refer to the current version of our privacy statement.

    18. Contact person for questions or information requests
    Should you have any questions, remarks, complaints and information requests in connection with our data protection declaration and the processing of your personal data, you can contact Palawan Heights Customer Support, who will be happy to help you, under the following e-mail address: