1. What is the name of the developer?
      The Developer is PALAWAN HEIGHTS REAL ESTATE AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION or simply known as “Palawan Heights” is a duly registered corporation to the Security and Exchange Commission on February 26, 2014.

    2. Who owns it ?
      The company is owned by individuals who all originate from Palawan either by birth or by affinity. One of the incorporators has a background in the Real Estate Development activities acts as the secretary and whose experience in the industry started way back in 1990. Another one who acts as the president has family business involves in construction way back in 1994 until present time.

    3. What are the previous projects done by the developer?
      The company is a home grown developer started as a contractor doing similar works for private individuals and government agencies for the past 20 years.  Their first project, Sta. Lourdes Heights Subdivision, is a gateway to a more developmental projects in the future that is why the company wants to make sure that the would-be residents enjoy an affordable beautiful homes in a resort like amenities within the city.

    1. When is the registration and turn-over?
      The turn-over commitment to HLURB will be in June, 2018.

    2. What is the name of the project / property?
      The name of the property is STA. LOURDES HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION.

    3. Does it have a license to sell?
      Yes.  It has a license to sell No.031354 issued on October 05, 2015 from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) under P.D. 957 which is the “open market” category.
      The turn-over commitment to HLURB will be in June, 2018.

    1. How big is the property?
      The subdivision is within a 5-hectare property bisected by a city road and a portion dedicated to a commercial complex for the benefit of the subdivision residents.

    2. How many units are there in the subdivision?
      A total of 260 units are available in the property.  Thirty four (34) units for lots only and the remaining with housing components with four (4) models to choose from.

    3. How wide are the roads?
      The main roads are 10-meter wide and the inner roads are 8-meter wide. Both the main and the inner roads have a six-meter carriage width.  Only the sidewalk widths vary.

    4. What are to be expected when the subdivision is completed?
      Upon turn-over, the subdivision is expected to have the following:
  • Perimeter fence
  • Entrance Gate with security guards 24/7
  • Concrete roads and sidewalk
  • Underground drainage
  • Overhead power supply from Palawan Electric Company (PALECO)
  • Water Supply from Puerto Princesa City Water District
  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sports facilities
  • Butterfly Garden
    1. What is the design concept of the model house ?

      The design concept adopted for the model houses is MODERN CONTEMPORARY. It is characterized by clean, simple lines, a minimum of decoration, lots of glass, and flat or shed rooflines.

    2. How many models are being offered?
      What are the sizes and price ranges of each ?

      There are four (4) models available, namely:

      FLOOR AREA ( SQ. M.)           PRICE RANGE
      ABRIANNA 73 2.6 - 3.0 M
      2.7 - 3.4 M
      ANGELA50 1.8 - 2.1 M
      ROW HOUSE301.06 - 1.2 M

    3. What are the specification of the house models ?

    STRUCTURALAll concrete (no hollow blocks). Load bearing walls lie on a beam-type foundation..
    ROOF AND FRAMINGRib-type pre-painted roofing on steel trusses with 1/2" thick fascia board.
    ELECTRICALComplete (airconditioning ready), with simple receptacle for lighting fixtures.

    24”x24” floor tiles for ground floor and second floor.
    12"x12" for comfort rooms.

    PLUMBING American Standard or equivalent brand for bowl and lavatory. Stainless sink and tile counter top.
    CEILINGPlain cement for ground floor & hardiflex on metal joist for 2nd floor (2.70m. height clearance).
    DOORSAll panel doors & UPVC doors on comfort rooms.
    WINDOWSGlass windows encased on UPVC frames.
     PAINTINGSemi-gloss acrylic paint for exterior. Semi-gloss latex on interior and flat for the ceiling.


    STRUCTURALConcrete load-bearing walls, monolithically poured. No hollow blocks.
    ROOF AND FRAMINGRib-type pre-painted roofing steel truss with gutter and
    hardiflex fascia board.
    ELECTRICALComplete electrical wiring for lighting fixtures and outlets on
    circuit breaker panel board.
    TILES12”x12” Ceramic tiles on comfort rooms and kitchen.
    16”x16” Ceramic tiles on ground and second floors.
    (For bulk buyer, plain cement finish on floors).
    PLUMBING AND   FIXTURESComplete water and drainage lines, sink, lavatory and toilet bowls
    American Standard or equivalent brand for non-bulk units
    CEILINGHardiflex ceiling board on metal furring.
    DOORSPanel doors for exterior and flush door for interior. Bulk units shall utilize PVC door for comfort room while UPVC door for non-bulk buyer.
    WINDOWSAll windows are UPVC encased.
     PAINTINGFlat latex paint for the ceiling, semi-gloss latex on interiors
    and elastomeric paint on exteriors.


    STRUCTURALConcrete load-bearing walls, monolithically poured. No hollow blocks.
    Structural concrete slab with water proofing.
    ELECTRICALComplete electrical wiring for lighting fixtures and outlets on circuit breaker panel board.
    TILES12x12" Ceramic tiles on comfort rooms and kitchen.
    No tiles for ground floor.
    Complete water and drainage lines, sink, lavatory and toilet bowls.
    CEILINGPlain cement (Roof slab).
    DOORSPanel door for exterior and flush door for interior. PVC on comfort room..
    WINDOWSAll windows are UPVC encased.
     PAINTINGFlat latex pain for the ceiling, semi-gloss latex on interiors and elastomeric paint on exteriors.
    1. Where it can be found and what do we find in that place?
  • Located in barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa city, Palawan.

  • It is at the center of the crossroads between northern and southern Palawan

  • The location provides an easy access to a weekend getaway to islands of Honda bay, to the world famous underground river, the crocodile farm and hot springs.

  • Sta. Lourdes Heights will give you a daily refreshing view of the Iwahig mountain range.

  • Fresh air, far from power plants and factories

  • High elevation, safe from floods

  • Zero carbon atmosphere

    1. How far is it from the airport and to other important destination in the city?
  • It is 30 minute drive from the airport

  • 20 minute drive to Palawan Adventist Hospital, Robinson’s Mall, the City hall and Palawan State University

  • 15 minute drive to the City Public Market and San Jose Catholic Church

  • 5 minute drive to Honda bay for leisurely activities on weekends

  • 30 minute drive to Nagtabon beach

  • 5 minute drive to crocodile farm

  • Zero carbon atmosphere

    1. What are the competitive advantages of this property?
  • Fresh air, free from the pollution of a modern city.

  • Magnificent view of the mountain range.

  • Developed under the open market category which means wider roads and more open space.

  • Solid concrete construction for the houses, no hollow blocks used, which means no cracks on walls and more resistant to termites.

  • Faster construction time which translates to cheaper labor and faster turn over.

  • Cheaper than most of the properties currently offered in Palawan.

  • Flood-free because of high elevation and well-designed drainage system.

  • With commercial complex within the property to cater the need of the residents.

  • Units ready for occupancy upon turn-over.  Power and water ready which is part of the miscellaneous fee.

    1. How to avail?

      The options to avail are the following:
  • Cash or Outright Payment (with discount up to 10%)

  • Installment

    • Reservation of Php 20,000.00 (deductible to the Total Cash Price, TCP)

    • Down payment of 20% payable in 18 months for House and Lot. Payable within 30 days after payment of reservation.

    • Down payment of 20% payable in 8 months for Lot only. Payable within 30 days after payment of reservation.

    • Full payment of 80% either cash or financing (thru bank or PAG-IBIG)

    • In-house financing available but only up to 5 years with 15% interest per annum.
  • Project presentation
  • Pre-qualification (profiling)
  • Filled up Client?s Registration Form
  • Property visit
  • Filled up Buyer?s Information Sheet
  • Filled up Reservation Application Form
  • Reservation fee
  • Submit copy of Valid ID & Proof of Billing

30 days after reservation

  • 1st downpayment
  • Submission of complete documents
  • Contract to Sell
  • Master Deed of Restrictions
  • Post-Dated Checks

Before full payment of downpayment

  • Approval of Financing
  • Documents must be complete

Upon full payment

  • Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Turnover to Technical/Engineering Department
  • House construction
     MOVE in   
     1.Cash Payment  
    Within 30 days afterfull payment
     Within 90 days after full payment
     2.Deferred Cash Within30 days after 50% of TCP Upon 75% of TCP (with PDC)
     3. Financing

        a.BankAfter full paymentofD/P with the approval of BankWithin 90 days after loan takeout
        b. Pag-ibigAfter full payment of D/P with the approvalof Pag-ibigWithin 90 days after approval &full payment
       c. In-House  Upon75%of TCP (with PDC)

    1. What are your contact details should I need to know further?
      You can go back to the home page and send us your questions through our e-mail.


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